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Birth of a New Religious Order: The Knights Templar

The conquest of Jerusalem in July 1099 and the founding of the crusader states of Tripoli, Antioch and Edessa connected Europe to the new Christian kingdom in the Middle East. Until the fall of Acre in 1291, Europeans flocked to the Kingdom of Jerusalem to see the very sites where Christ had walked, and to … Continue reading »

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Godfrey of Bouillon: Little Known Facts

Historians credit Baldwin of Bouillon (later Baldwin I) as being the first ‘real’ king of Jerusalem. That was because Baldwin worked and fought tirelessly to expand Christian domination in Palestine. The other reason why Godfrey has often been overlooked by many modern historians is because he died in the summer of 1100, just one year … Continue reading »

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Raymond’s Quest for Land and Wealth in the Holy Land

The crusaders’ possession of Jerusalem was secure, but their possession of Palestine was far from realized. The Egyptian navy still patrolled the Palestinian coastline and controlled all of the key ports. Moreover, coastal cities and villages – including Ascalon – were still Muslim held. Having rushed down the Palestinian coastline and over the plains to … Continue reading »

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Victory Near Ascalon

Sometime in late July or early August 1099, Godfrey received news that Al-Afdal had finally assembled an army and was marching on Jerusalem by way of Ascalon. The Egyptian Sultan had intended to capture Ascalon* first and then use the city as a spring board for which to invade Jerusalem. Half of Al-Afdal’s army marched … Continue reading »

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European-Style Feudal System in the Holy Land

While most crusaders returned home after they captured Jerusalem, a small group of elite, battle-hardened warriors decided to stay in the Holy Land. Those warriors included Godfrey of Bouillon, Baldwin of Bouillon, Tancred, Bohemond of Taranto and all the members of their respective households. While Godfrey might have felt that God had desired him to … Continue reading »

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Were the Franks in the Minority? My Answer

Throughout the 200-year period of Christian rule in Palestine, the Franks did not make up the smallest portion of the population. While they weren’t numerically superior to Muslims, Jews, and eastern Christians the Frankish population was large. At the turn of the 11th century the Franks were well in the minority, but Godfrey’s appeal for … Continue reading »

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Setting up the Kingdom of Jerusalem

After they took the Holy City, the crusaders wept and gave thanks to God for their victory. They couldn’t wait to tell their pope the ‘good news’. But news of Jerusalem’s capture never reached Pope Urban II. He died at the end of July; less than one month after Jerusalem fell to the crusaders. The … Continue reading »

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