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Author Interview

Interview With Helena Schrader: Author of ‘Defender of Jerusalem’

1. Tell us about your latest release, ‘Defender of Jerusalem’. “Defender of Jerusalem” is the second book in my three-part biographical novel about Balian d’Ibelin. It covers the historically significant last decade leading up to the devastating defeat of the Christian army at the Battle of Hattin and the fall of Jerusalem in 1187. The … Continue reading »

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Coming Soon: Why Does the Heathen Rage? by J Stephen Roberts

This summer, Why Does the Heathen Rage?, a work of hisorical fiction, will be released by RCH Media, an exciting new press that will be established by J Stephen Roberts and Joseph Scott Amis. J Stephen Roberts, creator and host of the Real Crusades History podcast, is the author of Why Does the Heathen Rage?. Why … Continue reading »

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Interview With Author Helena Schrader: Knight of Jerusalem

       1.  What inspired you to write about Balian d’Ibelin? The Ridley Scott film Kingdom of Heaven, starring Orlando Bloom. Although it was a beautiful piece of cinematography, as a historian I was immediately suspicious that most of it was pure “Hollywood” so I did a quick check on “Balian d’Ibelin” — only to … Continue reading »

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