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Author Archives: Deanna Proach

Baldwin’s Captivity and Escape

Baldwin II did not move himself and his family to Antioch, though he assumed control over the principality after the crusaders’ near annihilation at the Field of Blood. In 1120 and again in 1122, he led his army through the territory in outer-Orontes, intimidating the Turkish raiders into retreat from the region. However, no sooner … Continue reading »

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Birth of a New Religious Order: The Knights Templar

The conquest of Jerusalem in July 1099 and the founding of the crusader states of Tripoli, Antioch and Edessa connected Europe to the new Christian kingdom in the Middle East. Until the fall of Acre in 1291, Europeans flocked to the Kingdom of Jerusalem to see the very sites where Christ had walked, and to … Continue reading »

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Inspiration for God’s Kingdom

God’s Kingdom is a novel set in the 12th century. It follows the story of Johannes and Wilfred’s adventures in the Holy Land. German baron, Johannes and his adopted son, Wilfred, mortgage their inheritance in Saarburg, Germany off to Johannes’s younger brother, Balderic, the Bishop of Cologne which finances their journey to the Holy Land. Their desire is to … Continue reading »

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Guest Post: To Shine With Honor

This is a guest post; the first chapter from author Scott Amis’ new release, To Shine With Honor. To Shine With Honor is the first of a three-part series that begins in France in the 11th century before the First Crusade began. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 April 1086, the town of Grand-Forêt, southeastern France Galien de Coudre drew a sharp … Continue reading »

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The Field of Blood: The Aftermath

The crushing defeat at the Field of Blood caused many people to ponder this troubling question: If God was truly on their side, fighting with them, why did He let them suffer defeat? No one in those days realized that the flaws in their own military strategy led to defeat. Rather, all of the blame … Continue reading »

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To Shine With Honor: A Review

To Shine With Honor: Coming of Age is the first of a trilogy, written by Scott Amis. Galien de Coudre, scholarly third son in a family of minor nobility, comes of age in the perilous world of late 11th century France, where powerful noblemen massacre the other and innocents in unending petty warfare over lands … Continue reading »

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The Field of Blood

Sometime in June 1119, news reached Roger at Antioch that Il-ghazi, the Artuqid Turk, had raised a large army and was marching on the Principality of Antioch. Upon hearing of this news, Roger appealed to Pons of Tripoli and to Baldwin II for aid. Pons and Baldwin II began at once to assemble their armies. … Continue reading »

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Envoy of Jerusalem Book Cover

Author Helena Schrader’s third novel, ‘Envoy of Jerusalem’, is set to be released sometime this summer. I’ve been Helena’s beta reader for almost two years; I’ve helped her with all three Balian novels, but I’m still excited for this new release. As customary for Helena, prior to each novel’s release, she gets three different book … Continue reading »

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Interview With Helena Schrader: Author of ‘Defender of Jerusalem’

1. Tell us about your latest release, ‘Defender of Jerusalem’. “Defender of Jerusalem” is the second book in my three-part biographical novel about Balian d’Ibelin. It covers the historically significant last decade leading up to the devastating defeat of the Christian army at the Battle of Hattin and the fall of Jerusalem in 1187. The … Continue reading »

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Baldwin II: Man of God, Man of Reconciliation

William of Tyre described Baldwin II as a just man, pious and God-fearing (Barber, 118). Baldwin II was much like Godfrey of Bouillon and the complete opposite of Baldwin I. Whereas Baldwin I ruled with force, Baldwin II preferred negotiation and gentle persuasion. He also used quirky, yet brilliant strategies that worked for the greater … Continue reading »

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