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About Crusades and Crusaders:

The crusades were one of the most significant and, in a way, transformative events in Medieval Europe.  From the time Pope Urban II preached the crusade in late November of 1095, until the fall of Acre in 1291, hundreds of thousands of men, women and children made the perilous journey east to aid in the liberation of Jerusalem–the Holy Land–from the Muslims. Pilgrims, knights, men-at-arms, priests, bishops and Lords suffered intense heat, cold, starvation and died as a result. Many more died at the hands of Turkish raiders.

Why, one must ask, did these people venture into unknown territory, knowing all too well the danger that lay ahead? The answer is simple: they believed that their efforts to liberate Jerusalem from the Muslims would earn them eternal salvation as promised by Pope Urban himself.

This blog will also chronicle the crusades in Spain, the Baltics, as well as post-thirteenth century crusades.

The purpose of this blog is to provide you, the reader, with information that is engaging, informative, and educational; information that is also well researched.

Deanna dedicates this blog to her late grandparents, Longin and Mildred Reich. Your legacy will live on!

About the Author

 Deanna Proach holds a Bachelor Degree in History from the University of Northern British Columbia. Ever since she saw the film, Kingdom of Heaven one evening on campus at the end of the Fall semester of 2005, she yearned to learn more about the Crusades. Though, it wasn’t until late October 2012 that she launched this blog. She is also writing a novel that is set during the Crusades, titled God’s Kingdom.

You can reach out to her at

15 Responses to About

  1. The Eye-Dancers

    This is a great, very informative, and interesting site, and I just nominated you for the “Blog of the Year 2012″ award. Please go to The Eye-Dancers at the following link for information:

  2. Hazel Singer

    This is a really interesting blog, thanks for your hard work! What is the photo at the top?… looks lke Murqab in Syria.

    • deannaproach

      Thanks for the nice comment, Hazel:) I wish I knew the name of this castle. I do believe you’re right. It is in Syria. I just found it in Wiki Commons and fell in love with it. I gotta up my research.

  3. Hazel Singer

    If it is indeed Murqab, I saw it in 2010. I put several photos of Syrian citadels and castles on Medieval History Lovers FB page sometime around Nov. If you can’t find the photos there, let me know and I can send them to you. You are welcome to use them, I only ask that you credit me if you do.

  4. deannaproach

    @Hazel. You were at this castle? That is so sweet. It’s an incredible castle. That’s why I chose it as my header photo. Do you have a place, other than the Medieval History Lovers FB page where you post your photos? I’d love to use some of them, and I will be sure to credit you.

  5. Hazel Singer

    If you search my blog,, with ‘Syria’ as the search term, you will find lots of photos. But I will also send you more if you send me your email address: I can send them via Picasa. I don’t want to open the file online with those photos, as they also contain photos of real people and in this time of crisis in Syria, it is too dangerous.

  6. deannaproach

    That’s fine, Hazel. We can also connect on Facebook too if you like.

  7. deannaproach

    Great. You can also contact me at Do you have a FB page, other than your profile page?

  8. Hazel Singer

    Yes, if you search for Hazel Lynn Singer, you will find me! I’ll email you photos sometime soon. I also have photos of castles in Istanbul.

  9. deannaproach

    Photos of Castles in Istanbul (Constantinople). That would be wonderful. Will touch base soon.

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