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Envoy of Jerusalem Book Cover

Posted by on March 10, 2016

Author Helena Schrader’s third novel, ‘Envoy of Jerusalem’, is set to be released sometime this summer. I’ve been Helena’s beta reader for almost two years; I’ve helped her with all three Balian novels, but I’m still excited for this new release.

As customary for Helena, prior to each novel’s release, she gets three different book covers made. She then posts them on her blog, Schrader’s Historical Fiction and invites her fans to vote for their favourite book cover image. The image that gets the most votes becomes the book cover!

I cast my vote on the book cover below…

I like the war scene in the background because it’s dramatic — this story is quite dramatic, so this image is quite fitting — and it brings the spirit of the times alive, which as any historian of Crusades History knows, was a spirit of warfare.

This image may not win a majority vote, but we shall find out…


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